Ensō - Hydrate



Advanced Electrolyte Formula 

30 (Full 6g Scoop) Servings per Container

*Full scoop is for 24oz-32oz of Water*

Himalayan Pink Salts, 6 Essential Electrolytes, Performance Enhancing Fruit Extracts, & 1000mg Vitamin C


Electrolyte Blend           

1500mg   - Chloride                                   

1000mg   - Sodium 

700mg     -  Calcium                       

500mg     - Potassium                

350mg     - Phosphate  

60mg       -  Magnesium  


Performance Enhancement Blend

1000mg   - Vitamin C

600mg     - Watermelon Juice Powder

400mg     - Tart Cherry Extract

200mg     - Coconut Water Powder

100mg     - Lime Juice Powder


Visit our Ingredient List to read more about each ingredient

Manufactured in Boulder, CO

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