About Us

Ensō is a Holistic Health Company that specializes in Deep Sleep, Productivity and Sexual Support.

We offer our clients Premium All-Natural Supplements plus Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Coaching. We help our customers live their best lives by providing them with incredible sleep, energy and focus throughout the day, intimacy support and proper hydration.

We encourage and coach positive success practices like keeping a gratitude journal, results-oriented breath-work routines, proper nutrition, yoga, meditation, and creating healthy and effective routines for morning and evening.

We have an unrelenting demand for integrity and quality which shows through all of our products. There are never proprietary blends and we offer a 100% money back guarantee on every item we sell.

If you have any questions about our products please CONTACT US and we'll respond as quickly as possible. 


The Ensō Story:

I grew up working out and taking supplements; However, those same supplements almost cost me my life.

In my early 20s I was working out daily, eating an insane amount of food/supplements and working two jobs. I thought I was healthy because I had a lot of muscle, but I was far from it.
I was consuming massive amounts of protein, sure; however I wasn’t drinking enough water or eating very many vegetables and I was taking every supplement I could get my hands on.
The lack of rest and eventual severe dehydration, plus taking unhealthy supplements, caused my body to go into a state where my muscles were eating themselves and producing poisonous enzymes.
These enzymes built up in my liver and kidneys over months until one morning my liver and kidneys shut down and the poisonous enzymes all flooded my bloodstream heading straight for my heart.

Rhabdomyolysis caused me to have a heart attack, entirely shutting down my body and sending me from a seemingly healthy and strong 215lbs to a thin, frail 130lbs.

For the next 2 years I struggled with hydration. Dr.s wanted me to drink 2 gallons of gatorade every day to get my hydration back to normal. 2 years of battling with hydration taught me a lot about health and electrolytes. I had been studying health and fitness before I got sick, but once my hydration and energy came back I began to focus on nutrition and holistic health.

I discovered Yoga, Meditation, Gratitude and other life changing practices. But after 5 years I was still 130lbs.

So I began looking into creating a healthy meal replacement powder and studying holistic nutrition, anatomy/physiology, eastern philosophies and how I would slowly gain back strength. With plenty of brands on the market, I found one that filled my needs and after 2 years of strict excessive dieting, eventually I began to gain weight.

For the first few years after my heart attack I was on a lot of pain medication and once I got off of it I found that I couldn’t sleep. For years I tested with melatonin and other sleep aids and never found anything I liked. Most sleep aids didn’t do anything and melatonin always made me groggy; I would often wake up just as tired as I was when I had gone to bed. So I put together all my favorite sleep promoting herbs, mushrooms and amino acids and after much testing and reformulating “Deep Sleep”, and eventually Ensō, was born.

Wanting to provide a Holistic approach to health I designed a gratitude journal and binaural meditations to accompany Ensō - Deep Sleep. Working with several experts in frequency and wavelength technologies, together we designed the Ensō Sleep Meditation, which is set to 432hz, with a binaural displacement of 1hz per ear, effectively syncing the hemispheres of your brain as you prepare for sleep. We also included a sub frequency ranging from 1hz-3hz along with coinciding nature sounds both releasing Delta brain waves. This meditation is provided for free, via QR Code, along with each purchase of Ensō - Deep Sleep and is available on Soundcloud for free. ( <-- Click The Link )

Once sleep was no longer an issue, and by specific request from an Aerospace Engineering student, I turned to daytime supplements. Wanting a supplement that provided focus and energy without the crash or jitters of energy drinks, I began to study deeply into adaptogens and mushrooms. Lion’s Mane and Reishi from Northeast Asia, the High Mountains of China for Cordyceps, and Chaga from Siberia and Russia; Using the best ingredients from all over the world I created Ensō - Drive. A hybrid supplement that sits between a nootropic study aid and a pre-workout, and the perfect accompaniment to Deep Sleep. For those days spent chasing the kids or breaking personal records at the gym after work. Drive delivers sustained energy and laser focus with only 50mg of caffeine.

After Drive was created I turned my sights back to electrolytes. Wanting more than just sugar and salt in water, I started studying and crafting. Optimal amounts of 6 essential electrolytes, Himalayan pink salt, performance enhancing fruit extracts, 1000mg of Vitamin C and no added sugar. Watermelon and Tart Cherry extracts were used for their Citrulline, and Vitamin C for it’s collagen production and synthesis Thus creating Ensō - Hydrate.

Ensō - Hydrate is an Advanced Electrolyte Formula that was exactly what I wish I had after my heart attack.

Bringing all of this together I added what I had learned about yoga, meditation, gratitude, intentions, and mindset, hired a few coaches and completed what is now Ensō and DiscoverEnso.com

Since then I have had requests to create, and are nearly finished with, a line of all-natural premium sexual supplements for him and her, “Perform” and “Ignite”.

Ensō is here to help you live your best life.
We believe in what we are doing and we believe in you.
We are fully transparent with all of our ingredients and never use proprietary blends.

A comprehensive list of every ingredient, why we chose it, and a medical study to support it is available on the website. www.DiscoverEnso.com

We have an unrelenting demand for integrity and quality which shows through all of our products. Everything has a 100% money back guarantee. No matter what.
Even if it worked great but you just didn’t like it.