Enso - Deep Sleep



60 Capsules - (30 day supply)

When combined with our Binaural Meditation and techniques taught in the Evening Routine eBook these capsules will increase GABA production, increase your natural melatonin production and help you sink into reparative levels of deep sleep.

No Melatonin

Non habit forming 

No Grogginess

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Deep Sleep Blend

800mg Reishi 

300mg Valerian Root

300mg Jujube Seed 

200mg Ashwagandha

200mg Magnolia Bark 

200mg Passionflower (Incarnata)

150mg Hops

100mg Magnesium

100mg L-Theanine

100mg 5-HTP

2450mg per serving!! 

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*Visit our Ingredient List section to read about each ingredient 

Manufactured in Boulder, CO

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