Enso - Ignite (Her)



Women's Hormone Support

90 Capsules (30 Servings)

Increase your Libido, Moisture, & Sensitivity with this all-natural blend of herbs and extracts.


N.O.2 Support -

800mg - Beet Extract 

250mg - L-Arginine 


Libido Support -

1000mg - Shatavari

500mg - Ginkgo Biloba 

500mg - Horny Goat Weed

300mg - Maca    

300mg - Black Raspberry Extract

400mg - Shilajit



Mood/Connection Enhancement -

800mg - Ashwagandha

600mg - Cacao


Moisture + Sensitivity Enhancement -

400mg - Sea Buckthorn Extract (Omega-7)

250mg - Cayenne

150mg - Hops 


Estrogen and Hormone Support -

1000mg - Dong Quai

400mg - Cranberry Extract

100mg - Red Adzuki Bean Powder 


Reminder: It is never advised to take any type of hormone supplement during your menstrual cycle. We recommend a 23dayOn/7dayOff Cycle for any hormone product. 

Always Consult your Doctor before beginning any new supplement routine. 

*Visit our Ingredient List section to read about each ingredient 

Manufactured in Boulder, CO

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